The Best Jobs For Minors Revealed

Jobs in this day and age aren’t too hard to come by, but minors have a harder time finding places to work. With ample research and information you can find your ideal job, but don’t worry The Torch has done all the work for you. Here is a list of the best jobs for minors:


Kelsey France

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, “In July 2022, there were 21.0 million employed 16- to 24-year-olds.”

Kelsey France

Grocery Stores

  • Shoprite hires at the age of 16 and pays about $9 – $16 per hour
  • Kroger hires permit-possessing 14-year-olds and pays about $14-$18 per hour
  • Publix may hire as young as age 14 pay is about $12-$15 per hour
  • Stop and Shop hires at age 16 $9-$16 per hour
  • Wegmans hires at age 15 and pays around $10 – $16 per hour


Fast Food Restaurants

  • Baskin Robins hires at age 14 $12.27- $13.93 per hour
  • Chickfila Typically hires at age 16 but some locations may hire 14 & 15 for $13-$17 an hour
  • Dairy Queen hires at the age of 16 and pays somewhere between minimum wage and $12 an hour
  • McDonald’s hires at age 14 and pays between a range of $8-$14
  • Starbucks hires at age 16 and pays about $9-$17 per hour
  • Tacobell hires at age 16 and pays $12-$15 an hour
  • Wendys hire at age 16 but applicants can be as young as 15 years old and the pay is about $12-$15 an hour


  • AMC Theaters hires at 17 years old and pay about $10 -$12 an hour
  • Six Flags hires at 14 and pay about $12-$13 an hour
  • Local State Fairs hire around age 16 and pay about $10-$14 an hour
  • Waterparks hire at age 16 typically and pay about $9-$13 an hour


Tips For New Workers

  1. Make sure to look for a job that fits into your schedule when you have conflicting events.
  2. After you have been selected for an interview, dress accordingly.
  3. During the hiring process, make sure to get your working papers from your school’s main office. Have your physician and guidance counselor sign your papers before giving them to your employer.