We Tried Crumbl Cookies So You Don’t Have To


Soraya Cuevas

[From left to right] Crumbl Cookies’ Strawberry Limeade, Butterfinger Peanut Butter Crunch, M&M, and Milk Choc. Chip cookies from the menu for the week of October 24.

As we approach the holiday season, it’s time we say goodbye to store-bought cookies and offer Santa something more gourmet. That being said, The Torch tested out the latest trending cookie franchise Crunbl to see if it’s worth your time. 

Crumbl Cookies has built quite a reputation on social media for its unique selection of cookies. So, we decided to pay a visit to our nearest branch located in Clark, NJ, to conduct a review of their baked goods. 

Each week, the franchise comes out with four to five new cookie flavors, except for the classic Milk Chocolate Chip. Out of the week’s selection, we ordered the Strawberry-Limeade cookie, the Peanut Butter Crunch Butterfinger, a classic Milk Chocolate Chip, and the M&M cookie. 

Strawberry Limeade 3/10: The cookie appeared colorful with pink and white frosting that was topped with nerds. The cookie itself was pale in color and seemed slightly raw. It was considerably big, as were all the cookies, roughly the size of a hand. Overall, the sweet and tart candy-like flavor was not too bad but did not seem fitting for a cookie.

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Crunch 8/10: The cookie was a big step up from the last one. It was very good, with a subtle peanut butter taste that was not too overpowering. The treat was paired with warm, gooey chocolate frosting. We had no complaints about this one, It was probably the best out of the ones we bought! 

M&M cookie 5/10:  We had mixed opinions on this one. Two of us found the cookie to be quite enjoyable and had the perfect amount of crunch. Another two of us were not satisfied with the taste, deeming it “too salty” and comparing it to a  “dirty sock.” This could be because the smell often found in Hershey’s chocolate was too prominent in the cookie. However, the cookie overall had an even amount of M&M’s adding a milky, chocolaty touch.

Classic milk chocolate chip cookie 6/10: The dough was warm and inside were big chocolate chip chunks. The cookie was more rich and savory than sweet. If you don’t have a huge sweet tooth, this dessert is for you. Besides the Peanut Butter Crunch Butterfinger cookie, this was another favorite. 

The desserts at Crumbl Cookies were not all that bad, but we don’t recommend going out of your way to get them. We bought four cookies for 16 dollars and enjoyed only two of them. Overall, Crumbl is not worth the hype it earned from social media. Santa would be better off with cookies you made with your family.  Unlike the underbaked treats we had, memories don’t Crumbl.