Giovanni Maglione Joins the Wrestling 100 Win Club


Melissa Maglione

Giovanni Maglione celebrating his 100th win with his coaches.

Feb. 18, 2023, Giovanni Maglione became 1 of 14 people to solidify his mark in the 100 Win Club of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. Motivated by his older brother, Maglione was determined to make his mark on JFK Wrestling. 

Going into senior year, Maglione suffered from an ACL tear, hindering his performance in the pre-season. 

“I did a lot of [personal training],” Maglione stated. It was hard because I was losing weight at the same time I had to make weight, so it was more strength work than volume. Just a lot of personal training on my knee.”

“It felt great,” Maglione said. “My goal freshman year was to get 100 wins… I actually had no clue going into the match how many wins I had, the whole season I didn’t keep track, so it was a surprise.”

Although they would have to place in the top 4 to compete in regionals, the JFK boy’s wrestling team still did a great job being in the top 5 GMC’s overall.