JFK Introduces Black Student Union Club


Fathima Nuha

A mural for Black History Month done by the Black Student Union

A new club at John F Kennedy Memorial High School, The Black Student Union, initiated by senior Zhane Parchmen and junior Samantha Lopes, explores the Black experience and strives to unify students of color in order to combat the discrimination these minorities face. 

“BSU is important for the students at JFK because it gives people an opportunity to see how other people live,” President Parchmen said. 

BSU’s main purpose is to empower the Black race and show support for the students at JFK.

BSU has become well known for holding events and fundraisers, and have been able to engage students and bring in new members each meeting. 

The discussions in the BSU meetings can be informational for those who want to learn more about the Black community. The Head Advisor for the BSU is Mrs. Bernard.

“It’s not just for Black students, but it’s to help the Black community, to teach others about the Black community and our traditions or culture,” Bernard explains.

“BSU is important for many reasons, but the main one being that a lot of people tend to feel left out because of their race or their ethnic group and it is a great way to bring a lot of people together,” Vice President Lopes states.

With the creation of BSU, came an unforeseen opposition from both students and teachers. Questioning why we need a BSU or why it is even necessary.

“I feel like the students needed an outlet,” member Meelah Joseph said. “I know a lot of things that go on in this school that can be unseen and unheard. Some students are scared to speak up and they don’t know who they can talk to about [racism]. It’s tricky talking to the administration about [prejudice], so just having this club, people can come and voice their opinions or anything they are going through. [The club] is so good for mental health, especially these days.”