Senior Spotlight: Gaia Saravan

Gaia Saravan is on her way to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York!

Dhruv Oza

Gaia Saravan is on her way to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York!

Gaia Saravan

Only being a senior, Gaia Saravan has accomplished so much at the young age of 17. Becoming a published writer in literary reviews, receiving profound recognition with her short stories, and drawing visionary artworks, her work ethic is highly admirable. But how did she become so accomplished? 

Growing Up

Gaia has been drawing all her life, and has genuinely found enjoyment in the craft.

“I always had somewhat of a talent, but I did improve it with a lot of practice,” Saravan stated. “I never really had classes, I suppose. I used to watch a lot of visual things such as mangas and cartoons, so that helped craft the way I draw.”

Visual artists like her have inspired her to try even harder. She sought inspiration from the best in the field, which helped her advance her skills.

“I still can’t color though,” she joked.

Gaia had started her artistic pursuits for a while now, mentioning how her family helped her become the great artist that she is.

“My parents were alway very open minded,” Saravan stated. “They always wanted me to explore, so that upbringing always made me curious and want to learn more about other people as well as being immersed in other’s cultures as well. It also made me proud of my own. Overall they showed me that there’s a lot to learn from the world.”

From cartoons to art galleries, Gaia finds inspiration in everything. 

Above is one of Gaia’s favorite art pieces.

Her Future

Gaia Saravan was recently accepted to Pratt Institute, a renowned school for engineering and fine arts, where she will pursue a degree in architectual design.

“Their architecture program is pretty nice and they gave me a hefty scholarship,” Saravan stated.

When asked about what she thought about going to college in Brooklyn she joked, “Crime,” followed by a sigh. 

“No, I’m happy that it’s in New York City, which I absolutely love everything about,” she continued.

Gaia has been frequently visiting New York City for a while now, and feels as though it is her second home.

So far in her life, Gaia has considered her writing to be her biggest accomplishment. She loves to write short stories and poems, and the recognition she has received has made her very proud of them. 

Above is one of the most intricate pieces of art she has drawn. It was made for her art class during her Junior year.

About Her

Aside from maintaining excellent academic status, and having the busy schedule of extracurriculars that she has, the question arises: what does she do in her free time?

“I like to read. I like to write. Watch movies. Regular things,” Saravan stated.

Being a high achiever in so many aspects of her life, Gaia mentioned how the most important trait anyone in her life could have is ambition. Drive and ambition were at the top of her list for qualities in people she surrounds herself with, because she values these traits in herself. 

Gaia’s favorite places to spend time are her room and Barnes and Noble. She went on about how safe she felt in her room to do whatever she wanted and to let her artist pursuits flourish.


Everyone has a lot to learn from not only Gaia’s sharp intellect combined with an open-minded mindset, but also her groundedness. A passionate artist, an inspired visionary, and a true inspiration, Gaia Saravan is very determined to achieve immense amounts of success in her future, and we are all rooting for her.