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Who to Trust?

Examining the fued between Drake, Future and Kendrick Lamar
Album cover for “We Don’t Trust You”. Ever since this album dropped, rappers have been attacking Drake left and right.

On March 22, 2024, Future and Metro Boomin released their long awaited album, “We Don’t Trust You.” With subtle lyrics, the entire album alludes to rapper Drake who fans speculate was talking to the same girl that Future was also talking to.

Past Beef

Although Future and Drake have been mostly on good terms with many hit songs together, they haven’t always had a stable relationship. Back in 2013, Future criticized Drake’s album by saying that it has hit songs but doesn’t grab your attention like he does. Following this incident, Drake kicked Future off of his tour. However, Future was added back shortly after, with both Drake and Future saying the issues were resolved.

Current Complaints

Allegedly, Future talks about Drake on the title track, “We Don’t Trust You”. In the track, he calls out Drake for being a “fake friend” throughout the song. He also calls out Drake for taking a shot at him on “What Would Pluto Do” from his 2023 album, where Drake talks about a girl that he wanted from Pluto, which is one of Future’s nicknames.

Future features Kendrick Lamar on the track, “Like That” who also goes after Drake saying that he isn’t a part of the “big three”, which is a name for the top three rappers: J. Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

Metro Boomin, the producer of the album, is also known to have issues with Drake. Although no one knows when their problems started, it is strongly believed that it began when Metro didn’t include Drake’s verse on the song “Trance” from his album.

Metro and Future often work together with hits like “Mask Off” and “Superhero”. The two also released a follow-up album named “We Still Don’t Trust You” which attacks Drake for the second time.

Most Recent Fued

Following “We Don’t Trust You” a sequel album came out called “We Still Don’t Trust You”. The album attacked Drake much less than the first album, however it did have two songs that stood out.

“Red Leather” features J. Cole, and even though he didn’t diss Drake, it still took the media by storm because J. Cole was supposedly on Drake’s side of the feud before this song was released. The other was “Show of Hands” which featured A$AP Rocky who allegedy also had issues with Drake.

Drake finally responded after the second album with his track “Push-Ups”, where he disses all the people that went against him, although it is mostly aimed at Kendrick. The track is mostly him making fun of Kendrick’s size, with the cover art for the song being a size seven mens shoe tag.

This track was the first of Kendrick and Drake’s back and forth disses. Before Kendrick could respond, Rick Ross released “Champagne Moments” which alludes to Drake getting nose and stomach surgery. A remix of “Like That” was also posted on youtube which had a verse from Kanye that went against Drake as well. After the remix, Kendrick finally responded with his track “Euphoria” towards Drake.

A standout line from “Euphoria” is “I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk, I hate the way that you dress” which expresses Kendrick’s anger towards Drake in a very straightforward way.

Kendrick then released a follow up track called “6:16 in LA” which talked about how someone from Drake’s team is giving Kendrick inside information as shown in the lyrics, “Have you ever thought that OVO is workin’ for me?” OVO is Drake’s record label and clothing company.

Drake finally responded after this with the song “Family Matters” which was followed by a Kendrick song that was released 57 minutes after ,called “meet the grahams”. “Family Matters” goes after Kendrick’s family and how Kendrick allegedly abuses his wife, although there is no evidence in the matter.

“Meet the Grahams” further cements the chance of there being a man working for Kendrick in OVO because of how fast he dropped the song. It seems almost impossible that Kendrick was able to write and produce a response to Drake’s song so quickly. The song talks about his family, criticizing Drake’s father for raising a horrible child, apologizing to Adonis (Drake’s son) for having a terrible father, and apologizing to a daughter that Drake is supposedly hiding. As shown in the first lines of the song, “I’m sorry that that man is your father, let me be honest. It takes a man to be a man, your dad is not responsive.”

Kendrick doubles down and follows up with “Not Like Us” which criticizes Drake for supposedly working with sex offenders.

Metro Boomin released a free beat on soundcloud called “BBL Drizzy” and offered $10,000 to whoever has the best diss track against Drake.

The final disstrack in the back and forth rap battle is called “The Heart Part 6” from Drake. This track is mostly Drake defending himself from all the allegations being thrown at him on the previous tracks. Drake states that he fed Kendrick the information about hiding a daughter, and that it was all fake.

On Friday, May 24 Drake released a song with rapper Sexyy Red titled “U My Everything” where they rap over the “BBL Drizzy” beat. Even though most of the song does not reference Drake’s feud, Drake does reference Rick Ross’ accusations that the rapper received cosmetic surgery in the past, with the line, “Me and the surgeon got history.”

While Drake continues the feud in the song, he seems to only poke fun at it, rather than trying to rekindle any flames. For now, it seems the two-month-long feud has come to an end.

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