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Lakers, Pacers Back and Forth Contest Ends with Lakers Coming Out on Top

Indiana Pacers vs Los Angeles Lakers, on March 24, 2024, at Arena. (Photo Illustration)
Maximus Bergstrom
Indiana Pacers vs Los Angeles Lakers, on March 24, 2024, at Arena. (Photo Illustration)

On March 24, the Pacers and Lakers had a shoot out with the Lakers coming out on top 150-145. 

First Period

The Pacers opened up the game with a 3-pointer by Aaron Nesmith, followed by a 2 from Spencer Dinwiddie for the Lakers. The Pacers scored yet another 3-pointer, this time by Andrew Nembhard, making the score 6-2. Knowing they had to fire back, LeBron James scored a 3-pointer, making the score a 1 point game. After just under 2 minutes, the Pacers scored 4 points, while the Lakers scored 8. The Pacers brought the score closer with Myles Turner dunking the ball into the net. With back-to-back scores from each team, the Pacers were up 16-15 with 6 minutes left in the first period. Turner reaffirmed their lead by scoring another 2-pointer, making the score 19-15. After another 2 minutes, the Pacers found themselves pulling away with he lead, the score 26-19. Doug McDermott swooshed the ball in the hoop from behind the 3 point line, giving the Pacers another 3 points. The Lakers quickly shot back with rapid points with 2 minutes left in the period. The score was 36-31 at the end of the first period.

Second Period

Within just 90 seconds of the start of the second period, the Lakers were pressuring the Pacers with back to back baskets, making the score 38-36 Indiana. Both teams knew they needed to score, which they did in the next minute. Isaiah Jackson scored a 2-pointer after the Pacers managed to score 5 points. During this time, the Lakers scored 5 points as well, making the score 45-41. Two minutes later, Austin Reaves hit a layup, assisted by LeBron James, making the score 51-47 with 7 minutes and 30 seconds left in the period. After Cam Reddish missed a free throw, the Pacers brought the ball down the court. Myles Turner scored a quick 3-pointer, making the score 60-55, the Pacers were still in the lead with 5 minutes left in the period. The Lakers took it down the court twice, scoring 2-pointers both times. Los Angeles kept it going, scoring another 2 points while they made sure they held the Pacers at just 2 points. The Lakers finally took the lead after trailing just 1 minute later, making the score 63-62. The Lakers followed up with a dunk by Taurean Prince. The Lakers were continuously furthering their lead, the score 72-68 going into halftime. 

Third Period

Dinwiddie started off the third period with a 3-pointer, assisted by James. By the 9 minute mark, the Lakers scored 6 more points, while the Pacers only got 4. Reaves further increased the Lakers lead by scoring another 3-pointer, making the score 83-72. The Pacers took it to the other end of the court, where Siakim dunked the ball for 2 points. After the Lakers scored a 3, the Pacers immediately attacked back with another 2-pointer from Tyrese Haliburton. The Lakers immediately took it down the court where Anthony Davis dunked it into the net, making the score 89-76. In just 30 seconds, each team got 2 points, with the Pacers ending up with possession of the ball.

Taking the opportunity, Siakim scored a 2 pointer, making the score 91-80. Within the next 56 seconds, the Lakers scored 5 points, while the Pacers scored 3. Siakim made 5 after scoring yet another 2 pointer. By the 2 minute mark, The Lakers had built a comfortable lead of 112-93. The Pacers tried to lower the gap by scoring 3-pointer, only to be met with the Lakers getting 2 points. With 26 seconds left in the period, Davis scored another 2 points, giving the Lakers 116 points. The Pacers scored another 2 points before the end of the period, making the score 116-99 going into the fourth period.

Fourth Period

The fourth period started off with McDermott missing a 3-pointer, only for it to be rebounded by the Pacers and passed back to him. Taking the opportunity, McDermott shot and scored a 3-pointer, making up for his mistake. At the 10 minute and 30 second mark, Reaves made a 3-pointer, making the score 121-108. Isaiah Jackson took the ball down the court, dunking the ball for 2 points. At the 8 minute and 25 second mark, McDermott hit a 3-pointer, making the score 116-123.

The Pacers were quickly closing the gap between the two teams scores. One minute later, Prince dunked the ball, with an assist from LeBron making it possible. The Pacers were able to score a quick 5 points while the Lakers scored 4, the score 129-123, with the Lakers still clinging on to their lead. Within the closing minutes of the game, both the teams were giving it their all with Siakim wrestling for the ball before shooting a 2-pointer, making the score 131-127. The Lakers took it to the other side of the court, where Rui Hachimura assisted a 3-pointer by James. Davis scored another 2 points immediately after, giving the Lakers a 9 point lead. With just 55 seconds left, Davis scored another 2 pointer once again, making the score 142-134. Nembhard lowered the gap by scoring a layup for the Pacers, only to be met with the Lakers scoring 2 points. After an intense 50 seconds, the Pacers found themselves out of time to score 4 points, which would have been enough to tie the game. The game ended with a final score of 150-145, the Lakers coming out victorious.

“He was great,” Pacers head coach, Rick Carlisle said during a post game interview, when asked about Siakim. “Any time we were struggling to create shots, he was great. He created something, got to the paint, kicked it out, and got it in the basket.”

Carlisle put a clear emphasis on how good Siakim played, and considered him a key player.

After of the game, the Pacers were left with a record of 40-32, and the Lakers with a record of 39-32.  

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