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The Student News Site and Newsletter of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School

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The Student News Site and Newsletter of John F. Kennedy Memorial High School

The Torch

Senior Spotlight: Eva Patel

Eva is planning on going to Monmouth University this upcoming fall to become a pediatric doctor.

What was your favorite thing about doing JFK Cheer and JFK Wrestling? What got you interested in wrestling? Did the fact that you do MMA influence you to do wrestling?

Patel: My favorite part was the team, it was like a family, especially in wrestling. All the girls were so close to each other, even the Woodbridge and Colonia girls. In cheer, everyone was so nice and it was fun. It was really engaging and made me stronger physically and mentally. I made new friends and got closer with different people. I learned to express myself better. I really liked the Friday night games and the memories we made, especially that one day when it rained during the football game. MMA inspired me, but mainly my friend Gio, from JFK, convinced me to do wrestling. I tried it out and I liked it. 

In the future, when you look back on your high school years, what is something you would remember the most? 

My friend group. I hope we stay together for a long time. They inspire me to be better. I met them sophomore year and we have been close ever since. We are all so diverse and do different activities and extracurriculars. We are always there for each other and strive for each other to be better. 

What was the most meaningful assignment a teacher had you do, and why was it meaningful to you?

The most meaningful assignment was an essay. It was a mock trial college essay from Ms. Ebner. I chose to write about my life story and everything that has happened to me and how I overcame it. I thought it was meaningful because it felt like I was spreading awareness, and I like spreading awareness. If I can help someone who is going through similar things as me, then I would like them to know that they aren’t going through it alone. It felt good to write about my life story and everything that has happened, and how I was able to overcome it as well. It was meaningful to me because it was like a personal assignment. 

What was the most creative excuse you have used to get out of a homework assignment? 

I never really used excuses, a lot of my teachers were strict. But freshman year, during COVID I would tell them my Wi-Fi went out. I would shut off the router and it would say wifi out. 

How do you think your freshman year affected the rest of your high school experience?

During my freshman year, I felt more lonely. I didn’t know anyone and everything was through the screen. In the breakout rooms, nobody would talk and everyone would have their cameras and mics off. It socially impacted me and also educationally because I was always distracted and doing something else. I also used to sleep through the classes and it was easy to just not pay attention. It made me lazy. 

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Lelani Cox, senior at JFKMHS is a contributing member of The Torch and this is her first year taking Journalism. She chose to take this class to learn how to gather and analyze information, conduct interviews, and write engaging stories. She currently shares the position of event coordinator for the Black Student Union. Lelani likes to hang out with her friends and watch tv shows in her spare time. One of her favorite JFK extracurricular activities is when she does the stats for the basketball team. Outside of school, she is in a Women’s Empowerment program. 

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