The Torch

Hensi Ahuja is a junior in JFKMHS and is 16 years old. Her future goals are to be rich, successful and happy. She is the first generation in her family born in America and lives an amazing life here with her mom and brother. Her favorite hobbies are singing, music and kickboxing.She has many goals but one of her immediate ones is to get a 1500 on her SAT. Her long term goal is to get accepted to Rutgers School of Business. One of her greatest joys is being home alone and getting some quality alone time. In 5 years she sees herself in college, making new friends and getting good grades.She admires her brother the most because of all the great things he has done for her. She wants to be remembered for her personality, the way she cared for others and always having fun.

Hensi Ahuja, Head of Marketing

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