What do poeple really think about thrifting?

Rachna Pandit and Hensi Ahuja

Photo Credit: photo via jbsa.mil under the creative commons license 

Some people cringe at the idea of buying things that are pre-owned: cars, furniture and even clothes. Fear of spreading germs, disease or receiving low-quality items tend to shadow the many benefits that used items have to offer. 

“Why would I buy used things from a garage sale or thrift store if I could buy the same things brand new? It is embarrassing to want to buy someone else’s unwanted items regardless of what they are,” exclaimed 16-year-old Tyler. 

Contrary to popular belief, not all things in garage sales or thrift stores are necessarily “garbage”, rather they may just be things that can be further appreciated by someone else. 

Just by scrolling through Instagram, it is clear that thrifting and vintage shops are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. 


Benefits of Thrifting

As people become more aware of the negative impact clothing production has on global warming, buying used clothes has become less taboo. As well as having an environmental benefit, thrifting also benefits people who try to keep a low budget and genuinely can’t afford too many clothes. Buying cheaper clothes will help them spend less and stabilize their spending habits. Buying a piece of clothing that is brand new is not necessary when there are clothes that can be bought for cheaper and are just as well taken care of. 

A lot of people wouldn’t buy SECONDHAND undergarments, socks, shoes, mattresses, bed sheets and hats. These items are a big “no” for people who thrift or would like to go thrifting. People have worn these items before so it make them very personal which is why people hesitate to buy them. However tops, shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and pants are a fine purchase. On top of that, one of the top trending styles of this year is vintage clothes, of which thrift stores have an abundance of. Celebrities like singer Miguel and actress Julia Roberts also are advent thrift shoppers, which just goes to show how little affordability has to do with what kind of people visit thrift stores. 


Opposer’s Say…

Although the support for thrifting is actively growing, there are still a few people who don’t consider thrifting when thinking about making clothing purchases. Many people have asserted their fear of poor quality and cleanliness because they have no idea where these clothes have been. Although there is no guarantee that shops that sell unused clothing are cleaner, or of better quality, stereotypes still seem to fill the minds of consumers.  

Everyone has different opinions on this topic; some love the idea and frequently thrift. Others fear what society might think of them after finding out where they shop. It might come off as “dirty” and “odd” but there are thousands of people who outwardly enjoy shopping for used clothes. If you are trying to balance the pros and cons of thrifting, or buying used clothes from anywhere, make sure to keep in mind not only the benefits it offers to others, but to yourself as well.