Should AirPods be Allowed in School?


JFK student: Amina Saleh

“Airpods in school have been very controversial at JFKMHS.”

Rachel Torrey, News Editor

It is obvious that the majority of students have airpods by Apple. Airpods have been very popular since wireless earbuds were released in December 2016. When the bell rings for classes, students walk out having their airpods on while listening to music or a podcast; however, teachers and students alike wonder: Should airpods be allowed in school? 


Students Responses about Airpods

After speaking to a few students it seems they all had mixed responses. 

One student stated, “If there are people surrounding them [in the hallway], they shouldn’t be having them because they’ll bump into someone”. 

Another student explained, “I think they should [be allowed] but [in] some way. Like you shouldn’t wear them in the hallway because, like, what if something happens around you. It’s something you shouldn’t have so loud.” She stated, “But for me, you  should have one [on] not like the two of them because you get isolated with the music and can’t hear anything.”

Teacher’s responses 

After discussing with teachers on whether airpods should be allowed in school, English teacher Mrs.Kenny responded how she can see the appeal and the problems they can cause.  She stated that, “Airpods should be allowed if teachers give instructions to students to take out their headphones or airpods to listen to music while they work.” She said, “it’s rude if students have their airpods [in] while teachers are talking.” 

According to Microsoft teacher Mrs.Vetteri, she thinks “airpods pose a privacy issue as well as a distraction to students during class “.  She continued, “[they are] a privacy issue because students can record others through their airpods.” Mrs.Vetteri says, “it’s definitely a distraction because they would be listening to music instead of doing work”. 

To conclude, there were many mixed responses on whether or not airpods should be allowed in school.  Some said it becomes a distraction, causes privacy issues, and keeps students from focusing during school.

These  responses were very informative. Airpods are useful in some ways by keeping students focused while listening to music while they work in class. On the other hand, airpods can be distracting to students who need to focus on school assignments, and listen to the teachers for instructions in a class. Overall, most agree that the only time airpods should be allowed in class is at teachers discretion.

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