JFK welcomes a new Athletic Director to the JFK family


Mikael-Ali Sheikh

A picture of the new athletic director, Mr. Weisenstein in his office

Mikael-Ali Sheikh

This school year, JFKMHS welcomed Mr. Weisenstein as the new athletic director to the staff after Mr. Rotella was promoted.

The athletic director is responsible for arranging and setting up any athletic programs the school runs. Additionally, they help with any home events the athletic department creates, such as staffing or finding officials for the events. They also order any equipment needed by our sports teams and can be found scheduling and keeping track of buses to help the athletes get where they need to go after the games or practice.

Mr. Weisenstein was previously a district supervisor before he became the athletic director. Nevertheless, Mr. Weisenstein said it was,”very nice to see how warm and cordial all the students are… [our school has] very great staff, supportive.”  Mr. Weisenstein also elaborated on how he heard that the school is like a family, and expressed that “having been here a few months, I can see why they [say] that.”

On the question of expanding sports clubs, Mr. Weisentein shared that sports participation is currently declining; however,  he is, “always on the lookout to see what could be done to make the sports program more accommodating to the students.”

Our athletes are now happily assisted by Mr. Weisenstein and we’re glad he gets to be a part of the JFK family.