Senior Spotlight: Mohamed Shehata


Hamdy Saaldeldin

Picture taken by Hamdy Saaldelin of soon to be graduating senior, Mohamed Shehata

Mikael-Ali Sheikh

Mohamed Shehata is currently a senior at JFK Memorial High School. I talked to Shehata about his life in high school and how that shaped him into who he is today. Shehata decided to share some advice and knowledge that he gained from his time here.

I heard that you joined the Heros & Cool kids club, is there anything that pushed you to join this club?

Shehata: I really like the fact of helping the next generation or the kids after me. I want to put them on the right path and make sure they have everything in check because I know at times, the age they are in, it is kind of difficult to have all the things that are in your mind.

Have you decided your career or are you trying still to figure out what you are going to be?

I’ve focused mainly on engineering, maybe a doctor’s path. I am not sure exactly, so I guess you could say I am kinda not decided yet.

Do you think the pandemic changed you as a student or as a person?

I don’t want to say it necessarily changed me, it made me change my [work] ethic…I felt a lot more lazier when I came back, so it wasn’t as easy to finish my work, but I felt like I am still the same person. I get all my stuff done.

As a freshman, did you expect to make it this far with all these hard classes?

It definitely is a rude awakening I’d say, ’cause it feels like it happens very quickly. So I guess you could say I am kinda surprised, looking back at freshman year, how I am already here.

Are there any goals you still have left for the rest of the school year in any extracurriculars, or are you satisfied with how you are right now?

I feel like I wish I would have involved myself more into school, like done more clubs, other than that, I feel like I am kind of happy with what I have done. 

Is there any advice you want to give to any future underclassmen who might read this article?

Future underclassmen, I want them to know that [they should] try getting involved into school, I know everyone says that a lot, but it actually does play a role. You feel… like you did more in school than just go and learn about different topics, you actually get involved and have fun with your classmates. And I’d say, just make sure you don’t have regrets, do whatever you want.