Coach Creighton leads JFK’s wrestling team to division title



Wrestling team at practice

The JFK wrestling team won their division title on Jan. 13 under Coach Creighton’s leadership after months of hard work.

The team has been preparing since the summer, practicing six days a week. According to Coach Creighton, the summer program this year was improved greatly with three times as many athletes. Every week since July, the wrestlers would work out and maintain a consistent healthy diet. 

Going into the season, the JFK wrestling team was playing the “underdog role,” according to Coach Creighton, but their strong mentality allowed them to push through and achieve win after win.

“It was one of my goals when I first took over as coaching,” Coach Creighton states. “There’s no reason that any team can’t turn the corner and become successful at some point.”

This is the first time JFK’s wrestling team has won a division title since 2010, which is when Coach Creighton himself was a senior. Their achievement has brought the team closer together as well. 

“The win counts for all of us,” says sophomore wrestler Alejandro Montalvo. “They told us stories about how, a few years ago, they only had nine people. But this achievement is a big stepping stone for us, for the future.” Currently, the wrestling team contains 48 grapplers.