The Torch

Bianca Martinez

Bianca’s a sucker for sunsets and starry sky’s. She is determined with everything she puts her mind to. Bianca spends her spare time writing poetry and keeping up with her skin care routine. Bianca doesn't go out as much, she's what you would call a “homebody”. Nine times out of ten if you see Bianca, you're going to see her best friend Desiree. Bianca only offers free unlimited hugs to her two nieces that she loves and adores; they go by the name Aubrey and Alaina. Before COVID-19, Bianca would spend time after school occasionally with friends to get work done. Bianca began her first two years of high school in Colonia but plans to finish out in JFK High School. Bianca began cheering in Link Community Charter School located in Newark, NJ. Other than her eighth grade year of cheerleading, Bianca hasn't been interested in any other school activities. She's the type to adapt to any situation you put her in, and gets along with other peers well.

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