Senior Spotlight: Bianca Martinez


Bianca Martinez

Picture of high school senior, Bianca Martinez, class of 2021.

Aveena Persaud, News Editor

        Bianca Martinez, also known as “B” around her close friends and family, is a senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. She was born on December 16, 2001 and is currently 19 years of age. To get to know Bianca a little more, here is her input when it comes to her experience of high school and what to expect.


What is something that makes you happy?

Writing romantic poems, so anything that has to do with love and being lovey-dovey.


Who are some artists that you like? It could be music or fashion wise.

I love Bryson Tiller and I love Summer Walker. That’s my girl! I also like Pooh Shiesty. His songs are lit. Fashion wise though, I won’t say that I look up to anyone who dresses nice. 


What makes you, you, in your opinion? 

I don’t care about going out and hanging out with everybody. I just stay to myself but also I can get along with everybody. 


Do you have any plans after high school? 

I’m planning on going to college for Psychology. I want to learn how the mind works and talking to people, [trying to] figure out why they feel the way they feel.


Do you have a favorite sport? If so, what is it? 

No, I don’t really have a favorite sport. I really love cheerleading, but I only got to do it once my eighth grade year, but then they stopped us. I forgot why they did, but that was the last time I did it.


What advice would you give a Freshman or Sophomore? 

My advice to them would be to enjoy your high school years, have fun, and to make friends. If you’re a girl, then don’t worry too much about boys and focus on your grades because half the people you meet in high school aren’t going to be around when you’re 30 or 40. They are not going to be with you for a lifetime so just focus on the important things which are making sure you get your things together so you can be able to pay for your own things and do whatever you want. I feel like knowledge is everything. If a girl is smart, then she’s just everything, you know? 


If you had the opportunity to redo your years at JFKMHS, what would you do differently?

Actually, I did two years at Colonia High School and did my last two years at JFK, but I only got to spend a year in that building because of quarantine. I feel like I left Colonia to do better at JFK, and so far I haven’t had any issues with the school. I don’t think I would do anything differently. 


We at The Torch want to wish our fellow editor, Bianca the best of luck next year!  Make us proud, B!