The Torch

Don Puntiel

Don Puntiel, or Donny as his friends call him, likes reading books and obtaining new knowledge that is both practical and interesting. Don is not one to shy away from his problems, and always does his best to solve them on his own whenever possible. Don’s favorite pastimes include listening to music, spending time with his friends, and using money in poor ways. Don has very few hates for things, but he despises insects and often sees them as demons in this world. Don is a very serious but condescending and patronizing (in a comedic way) kind of person. He often laughs at other’s pain and can be seen as either very stone-faced or always laughing and smiling. Don wishes to find a career in something he’ll like to do for his life; at the moment, he doesn’t have an idea in mind due to his “do it last second” and “it’s a future Donny problem” mindset, but he always finds a way, like the Puntiel's before him.

All content by Don Puntiel
Courtesy of Lindsay Prusicki
The new JFK socially distant classroom setups

JFKMHS Reopening Plan

October 20, 2020
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