Freshman, Ayaan Amin breaks the 3,200 meter school record

Freshman Ayaan Amin after breaking school record

Licey Rodriguez

Freshman Ayaan Amin after breaking school record

On Sept. 24, 2022 JFKMHS’s very own freshman Ayaan Amin broke the all-time freshman record in the men’s 3200 meter at The Six flags Wild Safari Invitational Race. 

Amin’s win could mean great opportunities for the future of John F. Kennedy’s Cross Country team, which hasn’t won the North Division since 1984. 

On the morning of Sept. 24, 2022, JFKMHS competed in the Six Flags Wild Safari Invitational. In the event of the season, they dreamed in pursuit of PR’s and medals.

The freshmen race was the first race to occur out of all during the meet. All runners have said that the freshmen had to run in the cold breeze during that certain morning.

Amin, a 14-year-old freshman had a time of  10:58 minutes. Previously, the record for the 3200 meter race was held by Prem Parikh with a time of 11:29 minutes. The record lasted for 364 days, just one day shy of a year, until broken by Amin.

Amin stated that he did not prepare for this event, “it was just another race. I felt proud of myself and I felt great.” 

Amin has been running cross country for 2 years. He medaled last year for the Iselin Middle School cross country and the meet before Six flags.  

After breaking the 3200 meter race record of the school, Amin was asked if he had any intentions of breaking any more school records.

“Yeah, I am looking forward to break the 3 mile record.” Amin stated.

The Torch wishes Amin success in his future races.