Time to BeReal


Meelah Joseph

Senior Meelah Joseph taking a BeReal with her friends at a JFKMHS football game

Zayda Kodua and Meelah Joseph

The app BeReal has been a recent sensation. The relatively new social media app launched in 2020 and was founded by Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau. The love for the app stems from its unique and innovative concept.

“Quick quick, BeReal just went off! Come in my picture!” You may have heard your peers yell this at some point in time, or you may have even said it yourself. 

Users of the app simultaneously receive a notification that states, “Time to BeReal.” When this notification is received, the user is given 2 minutes to capture a photo in the moment; the structure of the app takes a picture from both the front and back camera, then reveals both. 

Once the post is sent out, others can react to it and make comments. If a user does not take their Bereal when the timer is sent off, they are unable to view others’ BeReal’s but can still post later. 

Although you can retake the photo as many times as you please before the two minutes run out, part of BeReal’s authenticity is that it shows others how many times you took the photo before posting it.

Many love the app because of the carefree feel it gives. Unlike other social media apps, the pressure to look perfect is not present with BeReal; the app strips away the unrealistic expectations social media has placed on many individuals. 

A frequent user of the app, senior Ananya Roy, was asked why she loves BeReal, and what makes it different from other social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. 

“I love BeReal because it’s not like other social media platforms that are curated, it gives you more realism,” Roy states. 

Other students have similar feelings regarding the app. Throughout the school day, many students can be seen posing and making silly faces for their daily BeReals. 

“I love getting the notification and immediately shouting for anyone around me to get in the pic, it’s a cool way to be authentic while also having fun,” says senior Gurvind Dehar.

If you have yet to check out the sensational app, this is your sign. Join in on the fun and take your random, daily photo without the pressures of perfectionism. See what your friends and family are up to the moment your phone buzzes with that unexpected notification.