Are You Rockin’ With Crocs?


Photo Credit: Gabriel Hohol

Personalize your Crocs with Jibbitz that show off who you are. Photo via: Pexels under the Creative Commons License.

Whether you like it or not, Crocs are back. Chances are that everywhere you look, you’ll see a pair on someone’s feet. Crocs are available in a wide range of colors and are customizable with various charms called “Jibbitz.”

The Comeback

The shoes were taken straight out of the closet when their popularity skyrocketed shortly after the height of the pandemic in 2021. The clogs are used in everyday life- after athletic events, and even in hospitals. Nurses and doctors are not only permitted to wear Crocs, but encouraged to, mostly due to the simplicity of keeping them clean. 

According to MasterShoe, back in 2006, they were marketed as boating shoes sustainable on land and in water, but lost their popularity when people started to realize “sport mode” wasn’t as sufficient as a regular shoe. 

Crocs Controversy 

Many people despise the look, feel and performance of Crocs for a multitude of reasons. Many argue that they are unprofessional, loose-fitting and impractical. Some may say they are just flat-out ugly, while others don’t care about the appearance but, rather, the performance of Crocs. 

“Well if I’m running late, Crocs are just there you know,” Sophomore Mandeep Rathod expressed. “I [can] just run and get to the bus as fast as I can, also they’re comfortable.”  Many students at JFKMHS convey a similar opinion.

“They’re comfortable,” Sophomore Mia Montanez answered. “I wear Crocs because they go with everything.” 

Crocs are commonly used for sporting events, where athletes are constantly changing in and out of their shoes, or are just outside in general.

“Oh yeah, I used to play basketball so I would always have Crocs after I’m done playing,” Rathod stated. “You don’t want to mess up your basketball shoes.” 

“Yeah because you don’t have to lace them up,” Cheerleader Janelys Henriquez states. “It’s better than slides because you can get dress coded for slides.” 

Here at JFKMHS, we have students and teachers who are big fans of the rubber shoe, and those on the opposing side, who would never purposefully spend their money on shoes with holes in them.  Either way, Crocs seem like they are here to stay!