A peek at JFK’s remodeled field house


Jessica Grajcar

The new and improved weight room with all new equipment.

John F. Kennedy Memorial High School started the construction of their new field house in 2019, which stands directly outside of Louis. M. Bartha Stadium. The project took about two years and was finally commenced in the spring of 2022, partially delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with a complete remodel, new additions were added to facilitate the ever growing student body. “We grew out of the old field house,” stated the Athletic Director, Mr. Weisenstein. 

“Most of it is brand new, it’s been expanded” and “now includes a full-service weight room, with all new equipment and an expanded training office,¨ added Mr. Weisenstein.

The field house now consists of two locker rooms, athletic trainer’s office, weight room with new equipment, two bathrooms, an ice bath, and storage room that holds gear and equipment.

JFK’s new field house stands in place and is completely remodeled by now, a purposeful addition to our Mustang athletes’ performance.