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Jojo Siwa: Rebrand or Cover-up?

The child star once famous for her colorful bows and song ‘Boomerang’ is now sporting a new, darker look. But what’s the reason?
Jahnya Bocanegra
Child star Jojo Siwa before and after her infamous transformation. Photo Illustration.

Jojo Siwa, a world-renowned child star, has recently been scrutinized due to her infamous new rebrand. Siwa sports a darker look in her new rebrand, accompanied by exaggerated sexual expressions. 

Siwa, known for her loud and eccentric personality and big colorful bows, has garnered fans from all over the world. Many of her fans are young girls who discovered her through the hit reality show “Dance Moms.

As a result of Siwa’s “drastic” change in image,  many parents have begun to share their sentiments online. Many have expressed that Siwa could potentially serve as a negative influence on their children. 

Not only has Siwa’s rebrand faced scrutiny from parents, but even non-fans are criticizing her. Reasons ranging from secondhand embarrassment to just plain hatred for Siwa’s personality, have led the online community to mutually dislike her. Many of those online feel as though her “rebrand” is forced. In interviews leading up to Siwa’s official release of her newest single “Karma”, she constantly equates her musical and artistic transformation to several artists such as Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus to her very own. This comparison between her and these artists has made Siwa come across as “self-absorbed” and delusional to netizens.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that Siwa’s newest song “Karma” is an old Miley Cyrus demo. Not only has “Karma” been passed to Cyrus, but it has been sung by a musician named Brit Smith. Smith’s version of “Karma” has recently been released. Many outsiders are confused by the fact that “Karma” isn’t an original song.

Siwa has stated that she wants to create a new genre known as “Gay Pop”, which already exists. Artists such as Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X and Freddie Mercury have paved the way for “Gay Pop”.  However, she went on to later clarify her statement. According to Billboard, Siwa states she didn’t invent Gay Pop, but instead, she wants to be a piece of the musical genre making it bigger than it is. 

Moreover, many have speculated the true reason behind Siwa’s rebrand.  This recent controversy is coincidentally timed with Siwa’s newest rebrand,  leading many netizens to believe Siwa had orchestrated the release of her song and new transformation to distract the public from the accusations against her.

According to Vulture, Leigha Sanderson, one of Siwa’s former employees, came forward alleging Siwa and her mother of forcing her to put on a maxi pad to protect her costume after bleeding from her belly button. Sanderson suffers from spina bifida. This harsh and abusive environment made it difficult for Sanderson to work for Siwa and her mother. 

The former “Dance Moms” instructor, Abby Lee Miller has personally reacted to Siwa’s big transformation. Miller states that  she supports Siwa and defends her change. This sweet and sincere attitude is very different compared to the way Miller has previously treated Siwa on “Dance Moms”.

Siwa hinted at further possible musical projects for the upcoming future.

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Jahnya Bocanegra, Contributor
Jahnya Bocanegra is a senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, graduating in 2024. She is extremely excited to dive into the world of journalism as this is her first time serving as a contributor to The Torch. Jahnya has always been interested in journalism because it serves as the bridge between the public and the current happenings around the world. In addition to this, Jahnya also finds herself extremely interested in fashion and music from around the world. She’s a huge music and movie lover, as she always finds something new and unique to fixate on. She hopes to graduate with a little more knowledge of journalism and can’t wait to share her newfound passion with the world. 

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