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Swing your way into the Spider-Verse

A summary of the 2018 film ‘Into the Spider-Verse’. Warning: Spoilers!
Miles,Gwen, and Peter B. Parker swinging through the city ( Photo credited by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures)

Into the Spider-Verse released Dec. 14 2018 and has a runtime of an hour and 56 minutes. “Into the Spider-Verse” opens up with the introduction to Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker.  Parker introduces himself as Spider-Man to the viewer and reveals his backstory which contains the information that he’s only been Spider-Man for 10 years.

He starts discussing the promos he’s done for several companies including a Spider-Man popsicle.

The movie then transitions to the main character of the story, Miles Morales in his room singing “Sunflower” by Post Malone while his parents are telling him to get ready for school. Miles leaves his home and starts walking through the streets of Brooklyn where he meets up with his dad Jefferson Davis. The two see a news broadcast that discusses Spider-Man.  Jefferson expresses his dislike for Spider-Man, stating that he doesn’t do his job under proper authority.

His dad finally drops him for his first day at his new school called Brooklyn Visions Academy. Before Miles gets out of the car, they get into a small argument about his new school. Miles wants to go back to his old school, but his dad insists the new school is where he belongs. Mile’s dad insists that Miles must improve his behavior if he doesn’t want to out like his uncle.

Miles enters the academy and ends up being late to his science class. Miles meets Gwen, who goes by Gwanda. Gwen lies about her name because she doesn’t know if there was another Gwen Stacy in that dimension.

Later, Miles is roaming the streets of New York and secretly meets up with his uncle, Aaron Davis. Miles and his uncle hang out in an abandoned subway station where they start graffitiing on the wall. They end up making an awesome mural. While doing this, a radioactive spider with the number 42 on its back, bites Miles. He is a little confused at first, but slaps the spider off his hand.

Overnight, Miles gets taller. He assumes he has reached puberty, but in reality, it’s the effects of the radioactive spider. Miles bumps into Gwanda and encounters a socially awkward situation. He starts to get nervous and accidentally gets his hand stuck in her hair with the unpredictability of his new abilities. His hand won’t come off her hair, so Gwen has to shave the side of her head.

Later that night, Miles is walking through the subway station again and sneaks into a restricted area. He then accidentally stumbles across a multi-dimensional machine called a collider, which further reveals a fight between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. Miles ends up falling from a high point and getting saved by Spider-Man. Spider-Man realizes that Miles has powers like his and offers to mentor him after he defeats the Green Goblin. As Spider-Man is about to stop the collider, a purple man named the Prowler rushes at him, setting Spider-Man back.

While hiding behind some rubble, Miles watches a new villain emerge: Kingpin.

Miles sees a badly injured Spider-Man under the rubble after Kingpin tries to open up the collider that destroyed the surrounding area. Spider-Man talks to Miles but is forced to leave because Kingpin is back with Prowler. Kingpin doesn’t like what Spider-Man has to say, so he kills him.

The whole world finds out about Spider-Man’s death and Peter Parker’s identity. Miles decides that he will now become the dimension’s new Spider-Man. Miles visits Peter’s grave and is approached by a man. Miles becomes scared and accidentally knocks out the guy with his electric powers. It turns out it’s Peter B. Parker, but from a different dimension. He was brought to Miles’ universe because of the Kingpin’s collider, h

Peter B. Parker and Miles sneak into the industrial compound where the collider is located and try to see if they can get any important information, but are stopped by Doc Ock who is female in this new dimension. While they are escaping and running away from the angry scientist, they run into Gwanda who reveals her real name is actually Gwen Stacy and is actually a Spider-Woman in her dimension.

They decide to go to Aunt May’s house for help, where she introduces them to three new spider people. One spider person is an anime girl named Penni Parker, who has a giant robot called a spider mech. Another is an old, classy Spider-Man from the 30s, his name is Spider-Man Noir. Lastly, a pig version of Spider-Man named Spider Ham aka Peter Porker, is introduced.

Miles feels inferior because he hasn’t been Spider-Man as long as the others. They try to test him which makes Miles leave and go to his uncle’s house. However, while he is waiting for his uncle, Prowler comes to the apartment and Miles turns invisible. The Prowler takes off his mask and Miles is shocked to find that it’s his uncle.

Miles returns to Aunt May’s house. At the house, the villains who work for Kingpin and the Spider-Men end up fighting while Miles is confronted by the Prowler.  He grabs Miles, but when he’s about to kill him, Miles takes off his own mask revealing to the Prowler that it’s his nephew.  Kingpin orders the Prowler to kill Miles, but Prowler refuses.

Kingpin then kills The Prowler with a gun. Miles’ dad finds the body and thinks that the new Spider-Man is responsible for the killing of his brother. The Spider-Men think that Miles can’t stop the collider, so they trap him in his house. Peter B. Parker then decides to sacrifice himself. In his eyes, Miles isn’t experienced enough with his powers, so the only way everyone else can return to their dimension is if Peter sacrifices himself.

After they leave him, Miles breaks free and returns to Aunt May’s, gets his iconic black and red suit and learns how to control his abilities to become a better Spider-Man.

Miles saves the day and gets all of the Spider-Men back home, but before he can shut the collider, Miles has to battle Kingpin. In the final battle scene, Miles stops Kingpin and says “Hey” which is the signature move his uncle told him to use on girls. Miles confuses Kingpin and proceeds to zap him to oblivion. He is finally able to stop the collider and saves his dimension.

Everyone welcomes Miles as the new Spider-Man. In the movie’s post-credit scene, Spider-Man from the year 2099 creates an organization of spider people which sets up the equal of “Across The Spider-Verse”.

At the time of this post, the third installment of the Spider-Verse series titled, “Beyond The Spider-Verse” has been delayed and a release date is still pending.

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