The Fabulous Franklin Teachers that Joined JFKMHS


Emmanuel Diaz

Put a face to the name! From left to right these amazing ladies are Mrs. Giudice, Mrs. Riverso, and Mrs. Della Serra.

Emmanuel Diaz

Quick Guide to Our New Math Teachers

Name: Mrs. Lauren Della Serra

Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Food: Pizza

Years Teaching: 12

Hobbies: Arm Wrestling, Fencing, Yoga, Spin, Kickboxing, Walking the dogs, Family time

Life Goal: I aspire to be a part of the Middletown carpool.


Name: Mrs. Nicole Riverso

Sign: Libra

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmigiana

Years Teaching: 10

Hobbies: Eating, Puzzles, Board Games, Walking the dogs

Life Motto: Let It Go


Name: Mrs. Margot Giudice

Sign: Scorpio

Favorite Restaurant: Drew’s Bayshore Bistro 

Years Teaching: 15

Hobbies: Yoga, Reading, Beaching, Playing with my kids

Life Motto: Hey, you got this!


Who are these New Faces?

You might have seen three new teachers in the halls of JFKMHS: Mrs. Della Serra, Mrs. Riverso, and Mrs. Giudice. These ladies recently joined our amazing staff from Franklin High School.  Mrs. Giudice joined us in March, 2018, Mrs. Riverso in September, 2018, and lastly Mrs. Della Serra in February, 2019. The three claim one of the main reasons they wanted to move is so they can be closer to home. Other reasons they chose JFK is the great reputation of the school, balanced study programs, and the success of the students due largely to the classroom and school environment the staff and administrators have created for the students. 


Franklin vs. JFK

One positive aspect they have learned to appreciate about JFK, is that there are ample courses for students to take to further their knowledge in each subject area, as well as various ways for students to get involved in the school through sports and other extracurricular activities.  Some differences include the different schedule: in Franklin High School, there are six blocks, each about 60 minutes while here we have 4 blocks, each about 85 minutes; Franklin High School is a bigger school; JFK has more clear and consistent expectations for faculty and students. 


“At JFK, the students are aware that there are consequences to their actions, they accept it and don’t do it again,” said new geometry teacher, Mrs. Giudice. 


Additionally, due to frequent changes in administration at Franklin High, expectations were often changing and therefore could be hard to follow through (between students, teachers, and administrators).  Students sometimes felt they could get away with more, which meant they would push the boundaries of the staff. 


“I was welcomed by the amazing faculty at JFK; they were so kind and helped me adjust and stay organized at this new school,” said Mrs. Della Serra. 


The best part of the whole situation, is that they didn’t plan to come at the same time. What a lucky coincidence!  


Students and faculty are really appreciative about the new math teachers and they have had a huge impact on the students’ love for math. Everybody wishes them good luck for the rest of the years they teach here and hope the best for their families!