What Everyone Must Know About the Updated Dress Code


Vivianna Acuna-Francisco

New dress code poster

Zayda Kodua, Kelsey France, and Jose Cuevas

At the beginning of the 2022 school year, John F. Kennedy Memorial High School introduced its new dress code, along with restrictions on bags and electronics. The new motto “Neck to knees, no gaps in between” states that students must be covered up at all times; crop tops, certain shorts and ripped jeans will not be permitted. 

The policy expresses that backpacks, purses and drawstring bags of any kind excluding pencil cases, cannot be carried throughout the school day. 

The overuse of electronic devices has always been a problem at JFK. Stricter rules have been enforced, with the hope that students will keep electronic devices off and away. In the event that a student is caught using their phone in the hallways or in class, they will first receive a warning, then detention.

This has been implemented for the safety of students and staff.