Senior Spotlight: Ahmer Awan


Photo Credit: Ahmer Awan via Instagram

Andreik Cepeda, Site & Photoshop Editor

Ahmer Awan, to me, represents the quintessential all-American. Born to a Pakistani family and raised here in New Jersey, Awan played the positions of OT and DT for our very own Mustang football team and is on his way to majoring in and following a career path in accounting. But majoring in a rigorous field like accounting and playing an intense game like football usually comes with a lot of stress and inhibition, and so it’s time to ask: What motivates Ahmer Awan?


What made you join JFKMHS football?

Ahmer Awan: “I joined football because I loved watching and playing it. On top of that, many of my friends played football.”


What made you choose your profession/major (accounting)?

 “I’ve always been interested in business. After doing a lot of research, I found how important accounting is and I find it interesting.”


How do you feel about having your senior year ending so soon?

“It’s sad having senior year end like this. Everyone looks forward to prom and graduation every since they’ve been in school. For many seniors, it’s the last time they’re going to see some of their friends.”


What are you most going to miss about JFK?

“I’m going to miss all of the people that I’ve bonded with over the years. I’ve made many amazing friends and have gotten some of the best advice from the teachers I’ve had. I’m gonna miss all of the events that we had.”


What’s your favorite memory of/at JFK?

“I have a lot of favorite memories at JFK. It’s hard to choose one, but one of my favorite memories is winning our first football game freshman year. We were not that good, but we won our last game. That night we had a party at Buffalo Wild Wings and we went crazy.”


What is your proudest achievement?

 “For me personally, my proudest achievement is how I’ve opened up a lot more. I use to be a really quiet kid who would never talk to people. But over the years I gained more confidence to open up and not be shy. That’s all thanks to the people I’ve met over the years.”


What is your main source of motivation?

“The thing that motivates me the most is my mom. After all the hardships she’s been through, she still does her best for her kids. Even after my dad passed away, she stood tall so that we could lean on her. She took on multiple jobs to support her family. Her will power and love motivates me. I want to be successful so I can take care of her and she never has to work again.”


This concludes my interview with Ahmer Awan, now-former JFK football player, and future accounting major. We here at The Torch wish Ahmer to have great success in his career and educational path of accounting and hope that all goes well with his life in the future.